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Air Freshener - Aroma Beads

Aroma beads are tiny little plastic beads that absorb fragrance. They are used as an air freshener for small area's such as your car, closets, drawers, lockers or vacuum cleaner bags. You can also pour them into sachet bags and use them as party favors for bridal parties, baby showers and other special events.

You will receive 1/4 cup of beads with each purchase.

Once the beads have lost the scent (approximately 45 days or longer), you can use our simmer oils as a refresher to bring them back to life.

Our aroma beads are not to be used in a heated potpourri burner or tart warmer because they will melt.

The beads will be made fresh and may take up to a week to cure before shipping.

If you need descriptions for our scents, click the link below. Close the pop up window after you have viewed the descriptions and choose a scent from the drop down menu.