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10 Pack Wax Melts
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(Bulk Bundle) - 10 pk. Candle Wax Tarts

Our handmade wax tarts are made with a top quality soy paraffin blend wax and highly concentrated fragrances. Every batch of wax is loaded with as much fragrance as the wax will hold to give you hours of wonderful aroma's. See our FAQ page for more details about our products.

Package Details:

You will receive a total of 10 packs of candle wax melts with this purchase.

The weight of each pack of wax melts is 4+ ounces.

You may choose the shape of the wax melts plus 10 of your favorite scents.

We recommend using an ounce of wax in each candle warmer for a nice scent throw.

Our wax works great in any type of candle warmer.

Most of the tarts listed here will be made fresh and will ship within the handling time listed here.  We have a large majority of the chunks pre-made and ready to ship. The chunks have been our best seller since 2007.

Free shipping with every order!

Thank you for shopping with us. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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